Thursday, August 7, 2008

Running Day 100......

Where does time go?

Rolled up sleeves, sunglasses and a camelback water pack on my back...100 Running Days ago, on March 25th, all these running accessories were at the bottom of my suitcase! It is hard to believe that yesterday was DAY 100!! For those wondering, the halfway mark is around the Sudbury area!
How was Running Day 100 spent? Well Terry and I run and rolled from Gravenhurst to about 20 kms north of Bala (along Hwy 69). Total distance- 51 kms. For the next couple days the Dobson family, from Mississauga, is hosting the road crew at their cottage. To celebrate Day 100, the Dobson family took everyone from the road crew for a boat ride on Lake Muskoka

Thanks to one of Run The Dream's sponsors, Complete Innovations, anyone can track Terry and I right across the country. While we stopped in the GTA, our Ford Escape escort vehicle, donated by KCC Leasing, in Toronto, was upgraded with a new GPS tracker, which people can log onto through the Run The Dream website, and follow along! The time delay is only 2 minutes! This feature helps us keep daily run statistics as well as keep the Run The Dream online community updated about where we are 24/7.

The Dream Continues and Rolls On....To Parry Sound

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