Friday, August 29, 2008

Simply Superior.....

Another challenge came Run The Dream's way which we were prepared for! This week, there was a lot of discussion that running between Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa would be the toughest topographic challenge until the Rockies.  Great news- Terry and I survived and lived to tell the tale!
It seemed that the 200+ kms experience to Wawa was similar to a story most grandparents tell us about walking to and from school in the middle of winter- It was all Uphill!  Tuesday was the greatest challenge only because I got my facts mixed up.  Originally, I thought I was told the steepest climb was before Montreal Harbour River.  It conveniently worked out that we were staying at the Twilight Motel, in Montreal Harbour River, so in the morning Terry and I run and rolled to the motel for a mid-day break.  We conquered what we thought was the steepest climb until the afternoon run! 

As we started again and travelled around the bend- WOW!  This hill was steep, winding and had no end in sight!  Fifty minutes and 9 kms later we made it to the top!  This was just the beginning...For the next two days Terry and I experienced another 90kms of this through Lake Superior Provincial Park and made it to Wawa! 
We were greeted by the giant Canada Goose!  Wawa takes its name from the Ojibwe word for "Wild Goose"- Wewe. Intresting fact- This town has had four name changes since the early gold rush in 1898 (Michipicten City, then Wawa, then Jamestown, then Wawa again!)

We were also greeted by Wawa Councillor Ron Rody, Community Living Representatives and Troy, a six year old boy who deals with the day to day realities of living with autism.

Special thanks to the Wawa Motor Inn for hosting Run The Dream.
Along the way we met a small furry friend at the Twilight Motel.  We enjoyed each other's company for a little bit.

The Dream Continues...And Rolls On!!!

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