Monday, March 31, 2008

Clear Roads and Blue Skies......

Day Seven- Monday, oh Monday, and another 45 kilometres in the books! Started early, took a mid-day break and finished off before sunset. I am now north of very scenic Clarenville and am making my way towards Terra Nova National Park.
Another special thanks again to Patty Jones, from Healthy Touch Message Therapy, for another amazing complimentary session today and getting me back out on the road to finish off the distance.

Yesterday was a day off the road, but I had the opportunity to visit two local churches- Memorial and Trinity United Church.  Thank you to both congregations for their support of Run The Dream.  Special thanks to Noah (picture in previous blog), Nicholas, Olivia and Marcus for coming to visit!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow.....

DAY FIVE- Due to the weather conditions when I woke up this morning the team, and I, decided it would be best if today and tomorrow were rest days.  There is about 10 cms of snow expected to fall and the wind would be in my face for the next couple days.

Given this break in running, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone from across Canada and the United States for their support!  My Blackberry, special thanks to Telus, has been vibrating non-stop.  I very much appreciate all the messages and photos of support I have been receiving from people who deal with the everyday realities of Autism.  I remind myself that this run across Canada is only 8 months long, (hopefully!), and at times the days will seem long and painful, however, the realities of Autism Spectrum Disorders, (ASD), are forever.  There is no cure, the rates are on the rise, and people's lives, whether parents, family members, teachers and/or social support groups, currently are affected with the involuntary burden for the rest of their lives.  Run The Dream is working towards a change!

I am still coming to grips with how big Run The Dream is becoming, but am happy it is, and clearly it is because there is a need. 

I've attached one of many photos I have been receiving.  Special thanks to Jeanette George, from the town of Dildo, NL, for telling me her story about the challenges of raising  her 5-year old autistic son, Noah, who made this sign with the help of his big sister Danika.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Things Happen For A Reason.....


I started off the day feeling good...that, however, ended pretty quickly. My achilles, still acting up, has decided it does not like running at all, and has made it its mission to stop me. I prevailed. For 33kms, that is, ending up on the massage table of my
 new friend and registered sports massage therapist, Patty Jones of the Healthy Touch Massage Therapy Clinic in Clarenville. Upon hearing my story she immediately insisted that I get treatment on the spot, and on the house! My first massage of the run, and it was fabulous! She had previously worked with a child who was diagnosed with autism, so the cause was close to her heart...some things happen for a reason! My second session with Patty will be on Monday, before leaving Clarenville, for another hour of bliss!

At the 29km mark I had lunch with 31 Leos and their parents at the Come By Chance Municipal Building. Thanks to Doreen Stryde for organizing the event on such short notice, bringing together one fifth of the town's population, including the mayor! She presented Run The Dream with a donation, then quickly took me to see her husband, the town doctor, for a check up as well. After lunch the group and I walked the kilometer to the highway, where I was sent on my way with waves and cheers.

Tomorrow I will play catch up to get back on track, but for now I must stretch, ...and sleep!

Until we meet again...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newfoundland in the Fog...

You can get every type of weather system in Newfoundland and Labrador within a span of 48 hours!  Which is precisely what happened during the past 79 kms.  Clear blue skies, then snow, followed by rain and fog.  Now back to blue skies as I type this from  the Tanker Inn, in Arnold's Cove.

DAY TWO- My body was not my best friend when I woke up to start the second day.  My right achilles was quite stiff and I spent the morning, face down in the toilet bowl. After some non-drowsy gravol and Advil (thanks to nurse Alex- who still refuses to deal with my falling off toe nails) it was time to hit the road.  After all, the show must go on!  I walked for the first 20 kms and ran the last 10 kms (Total, including lots of breaks, 6 hrs)

DAY THREE- Armed with my new running technique of 3 and 1's (3 minute run, 1 minute walk) I was able to run the 42 kms in just under 5 hours.  The run started in a snowstorm (1 cm/hr) and ended in fog on the Trans-Canada Highway.  Fortunately, the winds were from the SW (behind my left shoulder).  Thanks to Kixx Country 103.9 FM, in Carbonear, for telling their listeners to look out for me on the road, during their traffic report.

A special thank you to my accommodation hosts over the past few nights-  Winterholme Inn (St. John's) and the Brookdale Manor (Brigus).  For the next three nights the Run The Dream crew (my nutritionist/nurse/image consultant/time keeper/photographer/personal assistant/girlfriend, Alex, and my dad, the always- cheerful-even-after-a-total-of-5-hours-of-sleep-over-7- days, Bryan Howard) and I will be staying at the St. Jude's Hotel, in Clarenville.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The dream has begun...

Welcome to the inaugural Run The Dream blog posting.  Over the course of the next eight months this page will share with you the highs and the lows of the journey across Canada.  I assure you I will not be quitting this dream.  There may be days that seen endless, injuries to be managed and, at times, unfavourable weather conditions, but that is a reality of any journey. Lets Run The Dream together!

Today was an amazing day! It felt similar to any first day on the job.  So much energy and not sure how to manage it.  The morning was full of events in St. John's, NL.  The dipping of the toe (which soaked my entire foot by accident), as well as photo-ops at the Terry Fox Monument and Mile 0 (with the mayor).  

In terms of engagements, I'd like to thank the students of Memorial University (10:30am) as well as our main kick-off event participants at the Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism (11am) for being great hosts.

At 12:30pm, I continued the run to Seal Cove with only one pit stop.  A hair cut!  Finished the 45 kms in 4 hrs 30 mins.  A little too fast but we'll slow it down tomorrow!  Goodnight.