Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rolling Up The River....

Greetings from the Saint John River, just north of Perth-Andover.
The pace has picked up significantly. On Monday, over the course of a two part run, a new personal best was achieved!  In the morning, I ran 24 kms with Brian Rimpilanen and three other members of the Canadian Armed Forces from Oromocto to Fredericton.  Their home base, Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, is the largest base (total area) in the British Commonwealth.  It was truly amazing to hear some of their stories from overseas about missions in Afghanistan, the Golan Heights and Serbia.  As we were sharing stories we were greeted roadside by students at Oromocto High School, Lower Lincoln Elementary School and the New Brunswick Autism Resource Centre (Fredericton).  The run concluded at City Hall before noon!  Thanks boys!  After a brief lunch and nap part two of Monday was a 36 km run, which made the daily total a new one day record of 60 kms!  The body has adjusted!
The majority of today and yesterday were spend on the road running through Hartland (home of the world's longest covered bridge), Florenceville (home of McCains headquarters), as well as other towns such as Bath and Upper Kent.  All this running took place on the east side of the Saint John River.
Well, it is time to take a one day break and head back to Fredericton for our fundraiser tomorrow night at the Delta Fredericton.

The Dream Continues...

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