Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow.....

DAY FIVE- Due to the weather conditions when I woke up this morning the team, and I, decided it would be best if today and tomorrow were rest days.  There is about 10 cms of snow expected to fall and the wind would be in my face for the next couple days.

Given this break in running, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone from across Canada and the United States for their support!  My Blackberry, special thanks to Telus, has been vibrating non-stop.  I very much appreciate all the messages and photos of support I have been receiving from people who deal with the everyday realities of Autism.  I remind myself that this run across Canada is only 8 months long, (hopefully!), and at times the days will seem long and painful, however, the realities of Autism Spectrum Disorders, (ASD), are forever.  There is no cure, the rates are on the rise, and people's lives, whether parents, family members, teachers and/or social support groups, currently are affected with the involuntary burden for the rest of their lives.  Run The Dream is working towards a change!

I am still coming to grips with how big Run The Dream is becoming, but am happy it is, and clearly it is because there is a need. 

I've attached one of many photos I have been receiving.  Special thanks to Jeanette George, from the town of Dildo, NL, for telling me her story about the challenges of raising  her 5-year old autistic son, Noah, who made this sign with the help of his big sister Danika.


Georgina said...

No matter what the rest of the country throws at you weather wise, you will have seen it all in Newfoundland.

Laur0165 said...

Hey Jonathan, How is your achilles? I hope the rest helped out! We're thinking of you and talking about you with everyone and trying to spread the word about this wonderful thing you are doing!

love Laurie and Eric

ALIve said...

Yah Jon! Cheering for you :) Keep up that positive attitude, cuz in the end, that is what will get you through the tough stuff!
Can't wait to see you come through Toronto!

Aranittara said...

Johnathan I thought you were better than Cure Autism Now and Autism Speaks
I guess I was wrong
"affected with the involuntary burden for the rest of their lives."
I have autism and I am proud of it
I suppose you want to find a cure or make a genetic test let me ask you should we have "cured" or "screened" bill gates of his unique talents? how about einstein jefferson? lewis carrol?
no well then why should we "cure" the innumerable other "damaged" autistics that "burden" our society?
would you want to be responsible for curing Thomas Jefferson of his unique talents?
no again, well then stop running against autism and start running for it