Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Things Happen For A Reason.....


I started off the day feeling good...that, however, ended pretty quickly. My achilles, still acting up, has decided it does not like running at all, and has made it its mission to stop me. I prevailed. For 33kms, that is, ending up on the massage table of my
 new friend and registered sports massage therapist, Patty Jones of the Healthy Touch Massage Therapy Clinic in Clarenville. Upon hearing my story she immediately insisted that I get treatment on the spot, and on the house! My first massage of the run, and it was fabulous! She had previously worked with a child who was diagnosed with autism, so the cause was close to her heart...some things happen for a reason! My second session with Patty will be on Monday, before leaving Clarenville, for another hour of bliss!

At the 29km mark I had lunch with 31 Leos and their parents at the Come By Chance Municipal Building. Thanks to Doreen Stryde for organizing the event on such short notice, bringing together one fifth of the town's population, including the mayor! She presented Run The Dream with a donation, then quickly took me to see her husband, the town doctor, for a check up as well. After lunch the group and I walked the kilometer to the highway, where I was sent on my way with waves and cheers.

Tomorrow I will play catch up to get back on track, but for now I must stretch, ...and sleep!

Until we meet again...

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