Monday, March 31, 2008

Clear Roads and Blue Skies......

Day Seven- Monday, oh Monday, and another 45 kilometres in the books! Started early, took a mid-day break and finished off before sunset. I am now north of very scenic Clarenville and am making my way towards Terra Nova National Park.
Another special thanks again to Patty Jones, from Healthy Touch Message Therapy, for another amazing complimentary session today and getting me back out on the road to finish off the distance.

Yesterday was a day off the road, but I had the opportunity to visit two local churches- Memorial and Trinity United Church.  Thank you to both congregations for their support of Run The Dream.  Special thanks to Noah (picture in previous blog), Nicholas, Olivia and Marcus for coming to visit!

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eric said...

Looks like you are having better weather now. Just wanted to let you now that we are talking to everyone about the wonderful time we had meeting you.Once again thanks for everthing you are doing. We will follow your rote daily. Best of luck from Noah, Danika, Jeanette and Eric.