Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Canada!...

Rolled out of bed this morning, special thanks to the Delta Ottawa for their support of Run The Dream, and was excited to take a running day off and enjoy the festivities on Parliament Hill.
At noon, the Prime Minister and Governor General arrived for the celebrations on "The Hill" to a crowd estimated at about 75,000 people.  The snowbirds even made an appearance!  Not only is it the 141st birthday of Canada, but also the the 400th anniversary of Quebec (as already experienced first-hand!), 250th anniversary of parliamentary democracy in Nova Scotia and the 150th anniversary of the founding of the colony British Columbia!
This afternoon, at 2:15pm, Opposition Liberal Leader Stephane Dion accepted our invitation for a meeting.  He and his wife, Janine, met with Kathleen Provost, Executive Director- Autism Society of Canada, the Run The Dream Crew and myself in front of the Terry Fox Monument, on the corner of Wellington and Metcalfe.  Thank you to Mr. Dion!  I hear from many families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders that being heard by those dignitaries, with the power to make decisions towards a positive change, gives them hope!  For those wondering- What about the Prime Minister Stephen Harper?  The invitation was sent a week ago and I am still awaiting a response.  Lets Hope!
Earlier, I mentioned the Terry Fox Monument. Well, there is also something else traveling across the country this year and it happens to be in Ottawa this weekend- The Terry Fox Van!  28 years ago this van came through Ottawa and began to make a positive change for cancer research!  Everyday, while on the road running, the imagination sometimes peaks into the future and wonders how the services, support and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, in Canada, would look like?  Lets hope that today is the new beginning for that change!

The Dream Continues....

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