Friday, July 18, 2008

Running in Technicolour.....

Since entering Ontario the pace of running and fundraising has picked up considerably.  So many things are happening.  It seems as though Terry and I are running and rolling to event after event- Which is fantastic!!!
Quick run through (pardon the pun) of the week in review..... Special thank you to all the local organizers for making things possible and raising the awareness and money toward the targeted goal of $2.5 million.

Napanee- Meeting with Mayor Gordon Schermerhom and CAO Ray Callery (thank you Bill Daverne)

Belleville- Andrea Doucette (President of the Belleville Autism Ontario Chapter) and her daughter for running with Terry and I to the Belleville MEDIchair store and then to City Hall where we met with Mayor Neil Ellis.  Thank you to Daryl Kramp, MP, Prince Edward Hastings for meeting with us and taking the team out to dinner!
Peterborough- Thank you to Mayor Paul Ayottet, Councillor Jack Doris and MPP Jeff Leal for meeting Terry and I at the steps of City Hall and to David Adams, Executive Director of Five County Children Centre, Dianne Pick, CEO of Five County Children Centre for having the team come visit and celebrate Run The Dream's accomplishments.  Special thanks to Gail Laliberte, Head of the Peterborough Autism Chapter, for all her efforts as well!

Millbrook- Another small town with a big heart!  Special thanks to Brian Fallis and Neal Cathcart, both Reeves in the Township of Monaghan Cavan for bringing together a group of 50 people early Thursday morning and raising over $1000!  And more thanks to the runners that travelled with Terry and I, including MP Barry Devolin!
Whitby/Oshawa- Terry and I would not have been safe without the police escort of Sgt. Pual Murray and Sgt. Gavin Alston who kept us well protected from Pontypool to Pickering.  A big thank you goes to Jane Ling who co-ordinated all the festivities.  Thank you to Christine Elliott, MPP, Colin Carrie, MP, Jim Flaherty, MP, and Mayor Perkins for showing your support.  

The Dream Continues and Rolls On.......

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