Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello Toronto!!......

Three consecutive days of running midday in 30 C+ temperatures does not phase the dream! I'll say it now and I'll say it again- The human body and mind is an amazing machine when given a chance! Focusing on the cause is a powerful source of energy!
So, hello Toronto (reached the sign today at 10am)! Thank you to our entourage of Durham Police, Toronto Police, Bikers- Sarah Cobbold and Leah Smyth and Runners- Lauren (part of our dream team) and Diana Canzius. It is a surreal moment to see the sign- The 3200 kms of highs and lows, the people, the landscape, the stories heard and told, but the best part is that there is still 5000 kms to go! I'll be running really close to my house in Mississauga, along the Lakeshore, on Thursday. That is where all the training began!

Terry and I are taking some time off of the run to do some amazing events with friends, family, sponsors and Autism organizations. There are so many things happening, in and around the GTA area, but rather then me duplicate information I encourage you to visit the website .

Stay tuned as the profile for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Run The Dream prepares to be taken to the next level! The much needed level it deserves! 3......2........1........Stay tuned!

The Dream Continues and Rolls On.....Special thanks to Michael Villeneuve, my first boss, who two years ago took a chance on a young guy from McMaster University, who joined the road crew for the week from Napanee to Toronto, and instilled the Art of the Possible lesson early in my career!

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