Friday, October 17, 2008

Kilometre 6,000...Sing Another Prairie Tune....

Can you guess who sings the lyric from the latter part of today's blog title? While you are thinking about that or googling it I thought I'd let you know that at 6pm yesterday the 6,000 km mark was achieved just past a road leading to Summerberry, SK! Hard to believe there is only 2,000 kms left to go. 75% done!
Moosemin, Wapella, Whitewood, Grenfell, Wolseley and Indian Head are all the towns I've been running through over the past few days along the Trans-Canada Highway. What is different about the prairie running experience then anywhere else in the country is how to keep the mind stimulated. While running, there are not many hills, road signs or markers to project a mental kilometer tally. At times, it doesn't feel as though I am moving forward. To combat this, many of the towns have grain elevators dating back to the late 1800's when the railway was built. These are usually seen about 10-15 kms in the horizon, which helps give me an indication of how far I've run or how much farther I've got to go. Otherwise, every 100 metres I'd be stuck counting hydro poles!
Although I can't see it yet- Regina is somewhere in the horizon!

FYI- The song lyric belongs to The Guess Who- Running Back to Saskatoon.

The Dream Continues....

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Derek Lowry said...

Only 2000 kms left AND almost downhill all the way.
Keep it up,