Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ode to Terry Robinson......

"Hey Terry, I've decided that next year is going to be the year I am running across Canada!!"
Terry puts down his coffee......
"I am coming with you... How about I wheelchair from Ottawa to Winnipeg. I'll take three months off work."During that moment I did not realize how much this conversation would change my perspective on life. Were we naive? Were we wishful thinkers? Were we dreaming?...."Dream as though you've never failed"...."Dream as though you've never failed"...."DREAM AS THOUGH YOU'VE NEVER FAILED!!"

The more you hang around Terry Robinson the more you realize you are in the presence of a rare specimen of a human being. He is different. He is unique. He has turned what many of us call obstacles, into opportunities. He does not only dream, but achieves! With advanced research, services and support for those affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP), and public education, Terry has turned the disability into an ability- An ability to give Hope to others! He has all the characteristics of a Canadian Hero! I feel very privileged to witness another person's dream from beginning to end. Congrats Terry!!!In the months and years to come hopefully many of you will meet Terry and listen to his stories. There were days that were hot, dry, wet, cold, hilly, flat, straight, calm and windy. I am sure Terry would agree that no day was perfect, but we worked with what we had and we did it!
Special thanks to 'Terry's Angels'- Ruth (1st from the left) and Jodi (2nd from the left) whose selfless support of early morning and late nights, escorting Terry and I at 10 km/hr across Ontario (2700 kms) has made this achievement possible!

Other thank yous to Medichair and Invacare for donating a new wheelchair along with parts and service, and also to Purolator for donating the Econoline Van to make the transportation needs possible. A true team effort!

The question still remains- Paralympics 1988, 1992 and 1996; Terry's Trek 2008;....What is next for Terry Robinson to dream...and achieve!

Dream as though you've never failed! Even you'll be surprised at what you can achieve and the legacy you'll leave behind!

Viva La Vida...Live Life...Life Lives On.... Congrats Terry!  Could not have done it without you!

The Dream Continues.....

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