Saturday, October 11, 2008

Prairie Pride....

Endlessly flat, humbling encounters and another province almost complete!
After being in Ontario for so long, the Manitoba experience happened in a blink of an eye. 10 running days, a stop in Winnipeg, a sleepover in Portage La Prairie, Carberry, Brandon, Virden and out of nowhere (okay that's a lie because nothing sneaks up on you in the Prairies) I am expecting a sign saying Welcome To Saskatchewan! We'll talk about the next province on Monday.
Time to pause, rewind, and review a few highlights of the week. Firstly, to become more lean, mean, efficient, and environmentally friendly, the roadcrew now consists of Ms. Alex Bittner and I. We bid a fond farewell to Mr. Derek Lowry as he fulfilled his self-conscripted escort duty. Three weeks seems to be the above normal escort duty turnover rate. Derek you will be missed! We also bid farewell to our Purolator vehicle. It was short, but sweet, to feel part of the Purolator team. We'd often get waves from other Purolator drivers or people asking us to deliver packages by 9am the next morning.
It was a fast paced week but I'd like to thank the Mayor of Carberry, Wayne Blair, for not only meeting with Alex and I but taking us out to dinner. Many stories were shared about his experiences and our experiences. I'd also like to thank Jessica and Ron Wallace for tracking me down in Portage La Prairie, at the Canad Inn, and sharing the experiences of raising Colby, their autistic son. And another thank you to the Deputy Mayor of Virden, Roy Potter, for greeting us in Virden.

The Dream Continues....

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