Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful British Columbia...

"To dream anything you want to dream- That's the beauty of the human mind.  To do anything that you want to do-  That is the strength of human will.  To trust yourself to test your limits- That is the courage to succeed."
-Bernard Edmonds
Hello British Columbia and hello Mother Nature!  Sunday was a scheduled running day, however, the plans changed due to a significant winter storm, hitting the Lake Louise, Field and Golden area.  For the next week I'll be running in elevations between 11oo- 1600 metres.  Let's hope the run can stay the course despite set backs like these!
The white stuff may look beautiful, but as the RCMP, in British Columbia, has reminded us- Be Careful!  To be more careful, Purolator has donated a Ford Taurus to the Run The Dream fleet, which has the task of warning motorists and transports at least 250 metres before they encounter me and the Ford Escape.  There are a lot of twists, turns, hills and blind corners in the mountains, so I am confident we have reduced any significant safety risks while running.  To drive this vehicle, I'd like to thank Andrea McGowan, from Kingston, ON, for coming back out and joining the road crew for the next couple weeks.
So today we got off and running.  I am 42 kms behind, but thanks to the wisdom of my advanced run team, we had decided months ago to plan for set backs like weather and altitude adjustment and build more time into the B.C. run plan.  Right now, there is no other province I'd want to be running in at this time of year.  British Columbia- The last province to be conquered!  The Home Stretch....

973 kms to Victoria, for Dec 18th!

The Dream Continues.......

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