Thursday, November 27, 2008

High Speed...

People ask me- "How's the body holding up?", or "Are you tired?", or "How can you keep going for such a long time?"

It has now been over 8 months and 7,250 kms since St. John's, NL and I have more energy than ever before.  The other night I took a look at the average run speeds on the website and discovered my average distance per hour has steadily increased (Maritimes- 8-8.5 kms/hr; Ontario- 8.5-9kms; The Prairies- 9.5 kms/hr; B.C.- 10 kms/hr).  Do I actually feel like I am going faster?-Absolutely Not!  
I keep running because every road is a new ray of light

Everyday is a new audience, a new experience on and off the road, and a new spectacular environment to observe and think "This is Canada?".  I am a Canadian with a simple message..... Every Canadian should "Dream As Though You've Never Failed!"  At this point in our history, this country needs greater leadership from all Canadians, to educate themselves about the growing issue of Autism, to research more about this puzzling disorder, and provide the adequate support and services to those in need of assistance.  I live in a country that embraces diversity and shares in prosperity. Those affected with Autism have dreams too and deserve the tools and resources to achieve their dream!  I invite all to brainstorm and think of what doors they can open and help support the cause.  
From Sicamous, to Salmon Arm, to Enderby, to Armstrong, me and my orange and yellow vest continue 'The Dream' through the Okanagan Valley. I'd like to thank all the mayors of those towns- Lorraine March, Marty Boostma, Sue Phillips and Chris Pieper for meeting with me. While on a brief 12 hour stop over in Salmon Arm, I was able to speak with the Rotary Club, the Salmon Arm Scout Group, as well as, pick up a new pair of shoes donated by Ray Warner from Cool Running, in Salmon Arm. 

I also met my new friend, Oliver, from Salmon Arm, an aspiring cartographer, who wanted to know where I've run.

Special thanks to the Best Western, Sicamous and Best Western, Salmon Arm for accommodating 'The Dream'.

The Dream Continues....

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