Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spreading The Dream, Horner Style....

To the Horner family, of Calgary, this blog is a complete surprise to you, but one well deserved. Over the duration of the run I have seen parents of children with Autism travel every mile and do everything possible to improve the prospects for their child.  The Horner family- Steve, Mavis, Steph, Alex and Bingo are no exception when it comes to helping their son, and brother, John.
The Horner family facilitated with many aspects of Run The Dream in and Calgary.   After being a fixture at their dinner table almost every night I learned a lot about Autism in the west.  It is really no different then the rest of the country- under serviced, under supported, under researched and under educated in the school system.  To them I say thank you!
Friday was a very busy day.  The alarm clock went off at 6:30am, not to run, but rather to talk at Rundle College and Hamptons Elementary.  Great audiences and great questions from all the students!  Later that evening an event was held at the Horner's residence.  Representatives from the Autism Calgary Association, Autism Society Alberta, Autism Aspergers Friendship Society, FEAT of Alberta, Allies for Autism Foundation, Janus Academy and Hope for Healing Children all came out.
Thank you to the City of Calgary for the honour of being 'White Hatted'.  I hope I can live up to the long tradition and the roles and responsibilities which comes with the honour.  I'll try not to get the hat dirty.

Before I left town I did get a chance to see the CFL Western Final, BC vs Calgary, at McMahon Stadium.  Wow!  What a game!  It came down to a 'Hail Mary' pass, by the B.C. Lions, with 1 second left, but the Stampeders held onto a 22-18 victory.

Thank you to the Best Western Port O Call, near the airport, for accommodating and feeding 'The Dream' during my Calgary visit.

The Dream Continues......

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