Monday, November 3, 2008

The Chinook Experience...

"Spirit needs matter to become substantial; matter meeds spirit to become meaningful."

According to the road signs, and aid of the Google topographical map, the landscape will soon be changing in about 272 kms! My last day of wearing shorts was yesterday!  A balmy 17 C!  The chinook winds are a big help!
Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit Margaret Wooding School in Redcliff, AB, the greenhouse capital of the prairies.  Thank you to Principal Stuart Shigehiro and the students for the opportunity to share my debut slideshow presentation of the Run The Dream experience!  Special hello to my new friend Chance!
On Friday, I met with Martin Shields, Mayor of Brooks.  He told me if I was looking for work his town was full of it!  I could start working at the meat packing plant the next day and within a year I would most likely end up in the oil fields. I politely declined because I am still enjoying my current experience.  But seriously, this town has a vibrant energy experienced nowhere else!
Also, thank you to Cathy and Richard of Lakeshore B&B, in Brooks, for hosting the Dream!

This morning, before running, Alex and I made a quick driving detour over to Dinosaur Provincial Park.  Amazing view and drive!  The park is well known for being one of the greatest dinosaur fossil beds in the world!  In 1979, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Happy Halloween! The Dream Continues.....

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