Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning Manitoba!!...

"It is always easier to talk about change than to make it.  It is easier to consult than to manage."
                         -Alvin Toffler

Ladies, and gentlemen, boys, and girls, after nearly three months Terry and I are entering a new province- MANITOBA!!  It is unfortunate the streak of meeting Premiers was broken by Premier McGuinty, in our own home province, but there were many great milestones achieved over such a large province that will never be forgotten.  Thank you!
Last Tuesday,  Terry and I had the opportunity to meet Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, in Sioux Lookout, on her Cross Canada Rail Tour.  I introduced myself, along with Terry, and explained what we were doing.  To be quite honest, I believe we had a new Run The Dream first- I was hugged by a politician!
Last Friday, Terry and I run and rolled into Kenora.  Our last major stop in Ontario.  We would like to thank the mayor and many members of council for greeting us.  By the end of day Friday, and 55 kms, not even a flat tire on Terry's chair could keep us from getting to the Manitoba/Ontario border.
Saturday was taken as an extra day off because Terry Robinson was inducted into the North Western Ontario Sports Hall of Fame!  Congrats Terry!

The Dream Continues....And Rolls On......

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rhys said...

It really is a shame Dalton didn't find the time. Speaks volumes to his and his government priorities. But, as you are doing everyday, many people that do matter are gaining awareness to this great cause. Keep Running and Rolling my friends.