Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prime Minister Harper Attends Terry's Homecoming!!.....

Running Day 135 on the Autism Awareness Campaign Trail was full of epic moments!  

The hype has been built up for months and the day has finally arrived- Terry Robinson's Homecoming!  The newspaper, television and the entire population of Dryden was on standby. 

7am- The alarm clock goes off and by 8:15am we are running and rolling...

11:30am-We reach the beginning of the town limits and the Junior 'A' Dryden Ice Dogs hockey team was ready to run the final 2 kms of the day with us.
11:45am- We arrived at the Dryden IGA, for a bbq, where we are greeted by New Prospect Public School.  There are tonnes of signs and loud students chanting- "Terry, Terry, Terry!!".  He is swarmed by all the students giving him 'high fives'!

12pm- We receive confirmation that Prime Minister Harper has heard about Run The Dream and the goal of raising Autism Awareness across the country, as well as the $2.5 million. He would like to meet with us in the afternoon.

2:30pm- Terry and I travel to New Prospect Public School to meet with some of the students, talk to them about the run, and have a Q&A session.  Best question from one of the students- "How old are you Terry? I think you are 61!"
4pm- After getting off the airplane, from Ottawa, Prime Minister Harper, and wife Laureen's first stop is to meet Terry and I at the big "Welcome To Dryden" sign.  It was a brief 10 minute discussion about the Run and Autism Spectrum Disorders but will hopefully pay dividends!

5pm- Terry and I were invited to the Dryden Town Council Meeting, with Mayor Anne Krassilowsky, for a 20 minute presentation about Run The Dream.
5:45pm- Arrive back at the Best Western and head towards my room on the second floor.  To my surprise, the Prime Minister's large security detail is on my floor.  Really nice guys, but wouldn't want to mess with them!

Special thanks to Bill Salonen for organizing the day; to the Robinson family for feeding the dream with lots of carbs and protein; Police Chief Shane MacKinnon for the escorting the run into Dryden; and the Dryden Best Western for accommodating us.

The Dream Continues......And Rolls On....


Andrea said...

ROCK ON! ROCK ON! ROCK ON! WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!!!! Now, where the hell is Dalton???????

Love ya!

Andrea xxxooo

Louise said...

As a parent of a 4 year old who has autism, I was initially very enthusiastic when I heard about the "Run for the Dream". However, all I am seeing is a well-intentioned man who is being used by one politician after another for a bunch of photo-ops! I wonder if Mr. Howard has any idea of the type of discrimination and lack of caring that these politicians have shown reagrding our children. I am touched that he cares enough about autism to do this run, but what is really being accomplished?

Marni Wachs (Zuke) said...

It takes an effort such as this to get the needed attention to autism as a national issue. I thank Jonathan and Terry for all of their work!!!

Having said that, I think people should do their homework on the Harper record on autism before equating a photo op with action.

Lisa said...

Good job you guys!!

Also - I saw the msg from facebook saying you have reached Manitoba! CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING YOUR 7th PROVINCE!!!