Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kilometre 5,000!!....

New geographical area, new time zone and new milestone!
Off the top of my head I lost count of the distance (275 in 6 days?)  The week started off with a rough headwind.  Terry said it was so strong that it felt like his chair was going backwards!  The good news is that we recovered well!
First milestone of the week, Monday, was reaching the Arctic Watershed.  All the water in this area drains into James Bay and Hudson's Bay, rather then the Great Lakes.  Secondly, on Tuesday, we set our clocks backwards because we were now on Central Standard Time.  In terms of running, this means the sun rises earlier (around 7am) and sets earlier (around 7pm). Almost equal day, equal nights- Fall must be coming soon!
Last, but not least, 5,000 kms was reached about 8 kms northwest of Upsala.  There were no real landmarks- just trees and rocks.  I took the flag off Terry's chair and pretended 5,000 kms would be like the re-enactment of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Only about 3,500 kms left to go!  

The Dream Continues.....And Rolls On.....

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