Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello from Gander...

Special thank you to the Albatross Hotel, in Gander, for providing our team four complimentary nights. It is very much appreciated when receiving these offers. Also, special mention to those individuals I met at the Ultramar Gas Station, in Glovertown, who provided the road crew breakfast and a donation to the cause a few days ago.

Another successful week has been completed and a lot to let you know about:

Firstly, I finally saw a Moose on Friday morning!  Well, actually, Alex pointed it out as we were driving to our starting point in Gambo.  Hoping to see a few more before completing the island.

Second, but more importantly, a big thank you to Kimberly-Ann McDonald, President, Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, South and Central Chapter, for hosting a 'grand' event in Grand Falls-Windsor on April 11th.  Very impressed to meet the mayor (Rex Barnes), local MPP (Susan Sullivan) and Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador (Laura Woodworth).  There was great music, line dancing and media turnout for the event.  Thank you to 
Sprucewood Academy f
or the efforts from their penny drive! ($300!!)  I am glad to have accepted the cheque rather then the pennies!

Last night was also a special night in Springhill, Nova Scotia.  I'd like to congratulate, Tammy Chapman on hosting an Autism Awareness Fundraiser that raised about $2000 for the Run The Dream Campaign.  I am happy to hear that the event will become an annual fundraiser.   Tammy e-mailed me the night I left Mississauga and on my drive out to St. John's I wanted to personally thank her for the e-mail of support.  Her son Dakota was diagnosed with Autism one month ago.  In three short weeks she put the fundraiser together and great fun was had by all!  Congratulations Tammy!  Will be in Springhill very soon to personally thank you again!

This week, plan to put over 175 kms on the run odometer.  We will also be passing the halfway mark on the island!  For the rest of today I plan on keeping the legs elevated and  watching the final round of 'The Masters'.

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