Friday, April 18, 2008

Where did the week go?

My apologies to everyone who reads the blog- I can't believe it's Friday already!  Where did the week go?  There is a lot to report but first I would like to add to the list of  growing thank you's...

Thank you to:

Kimberly-Ann McDonald, ASNL South Central Chapter, for being a great host in Grand Falls-Windsor and assisting the team with access to accommodation and the pool at the YMCA;
Mayor Rex Barnes for welcoming Run The Dream into Grand 
Falls-Windsor at the town hall;
Suzanne Budgell, RMT for two complimentary massages;
Jason and Wendy Billard for their two complimentary physio sessions;
Ruth Wall, the-one-and-only, for taking care of my feet;
Gina and Wilson Robinson, at the Carriage House Inn, Grand Falls-Windsor for three nights accommodation;
Tara and Stephen Champion- Tara (my first native NL runner) ran 10km with me and her husband donated a box of power gels;
Constable Pete Cornick for the police escort into Grand Falls-Windsor; and
Elizabeth Sheppard, Three Rivers Country Inn, in Badger, for accommodation for the weekend.

What started as a week with rain, fog, wind, and sub-zero temperatures, ended at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Confirmed by the weatherman, today was 18 degrees celsius and calm!
A few highlights of the week included running, on Thursday, with Tara Champion, from Bishop's Falls, where we were then met by Constable Pete Cornick and his new clean police car.  Constable Cornick shared a little tale about how he escorted Rick Hanson, during his Man in Motion World Tour, in the eighties, from the same Exit 20, in Grand Falls-Windsor.  At the town hall, I met again with Mayor Rex Barnes who gave Run The Dream the honour of having the same privilege the lieutenant governor, premier, or royalty would have- A whole page in the Town Guest Book!
For those wondering about the running- reached 40 kms today and finished with a nice Friday sunset just north of Badger. Tomorrow we'll take an easy 25km run, then rest on Sunday.
Where one chapter ends, another one begins....Talk to you next week!


ALIve said...

"an easy 25 km run"


I've been telling everyone about you Jon! So exciting that you're doing this!!

p.s. I know the head of autism at the Toronto School Board. Let me know if you need her contact.
Also, Brian's nephew Joshua has autism, and they live in Winnipeg. So thank you for what you're doing, from my future family's family. Hope all is well.

Georgina said...

Before you know it Jonathan.... it will be November and you will be on the other side of our country. Make sure that you are taking lots and lots of pictures and a journal. What an adventure you are having.