Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peaceful Easy Feeling.....

Hello from Port-aux-Basque!!!!  No, this is not a typo- I'm here...Well almost!  After a productive Monday (42kms) and Tuesday (46kms), how could one settle for a crack at anything less?  Well, today was a new personal best- 52 kms in 6.5 hrs, non-stop, with the exception of raising $80 on the roadside.  Thank you to those four supporters!
I was going to attempt 64kms, but the wet weather crept up and so I'll finish the last 35.5kms tomorrow.  For those not familiar with the island, I am about to enter "The Wreckhouse". This geographical phenomenon, a stretch of highway located on the southwestern tip of the island, is notorious for its winds.  Tractor trailers have been overturned by winds that have reached up to wind gusts of 200 kph (Category Two Hurricane Status). Quite an interesting read by googling it on the internet.

Off to bed.  Will fill you in on "The Wreckhouse" experience tomorrow....For some additional fun Kevin is out trying to locate a kite! 
Another special birthday mention to my brother Justin (the Big 18 today!!!) 

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