Monday, December 8, 2008

Coming Around The 'Final' Mountain....

"The only fence against the world  is a thorough knowledge of it."
-John Locke
Hello from Princeton (as of Friday) and now Manning Park (as of today)!  The run has taken me back into the winding roads and back country of British Columbia, along Highway 3.  Nothing but amazing views and wildlife of the Cascade mountains!
While in Princeton, I was welcomed by two councillors representing the mayor and stopped in at Vermillion Forks Elementary School for a presentation on the run.
When I woke up the other day and was preparing for the run, we had some visitors in our parking lot.

Special thanks to the Manning Park Lodge for accommodating 'The Dream'.

9 Running Days left until Victoria, B.C.- Dec 18th/08

The Dream Continues.....

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