Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye Okanagan....Hello Home Stretch!!...

If I could run the remaining distance all at once- I would!! The thought had crossed my mind several times and probably will again over the next couple weeks.  If I haven't said it already-The Okanagan is amazing!!  A different climate and a different landscape with lots and lots of orchards and vineyards to see from the road. 

Yesterday, even with the running off day, there was a lot to do.  The morning was spent meeting with Penticton Mayor, Dan Ashton and councillors Dan Albas and John Vassilaki.

Around noon, I had the privilege to come and speak to the students at Summerland Secondary School (SSS). I'd like to thank all the students for jogging around the field before I shared the experiences of Run The Dream.  I'd like to thank Nicki, in Grade 10, who came up in front of the entire school and talked about her life experiences and ambitions while living with Aspergers. 

I left Penticton this morning and ran to Keremeos (45.5 kms).  It was there I met with Keremeos Mayor, Walter Despot, who taught me about the Pocket Desert which exists about 25 kilometres southeast of town, closer to Oliver, BC.  On today's run I did spot a few mountain goats high up.

Lastly, special thanks to the Lakeside Inn, in Penticton, and the Best Western, in Princeton, for accommodating 'The Dream'.

12 Running Days.....435 kms to Victoria, BC- Dec 18th

The Dream Continues....

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