Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running Preparation....

Running is 99 percent mental, 99 percent preparation and 2 percent talent.  The only thing you can't plan for is weather, but even that condition is an obstacle you can use as an opportunity for greater mental toughness and better daily preparation.
As mentioned in a previous blog entry, the hourly average speed is at its highest peak ever- 10+ km/hr.  Better technique, nutrition and terrain knowledge are some aspects contributing to this performance level.

For example, tomorrow's run is looking to be between a 35-40 km run.  Thanks to google technology, the elevation of the run will be between 517-652 metres with 41 major changes in elevation.  To put that in comparison to next weeks run through Manning Park, the elevation will be between 763-1400 metres, with 65 major changes in elevation, over 42.5 kms.
Thanks to that homework, as usual, I'll carb load the night before with lots of pasta and chicken.  During the course of the run, I'll drink about .5 litres of gatorade or water every 8-10 kms (40-50 minutes) while indulging in power gels, fruit, almonds or electrolyte pills.  The most important element of the run is to keep the brain stimulated and highly functioning.

Throughout the 188 running days across the country no day has ever been the same.  My Ipod habits have been to either listen to documentaries on various current issues, famous speeches in history, motivational speakers or various musical playlists with an eclectic range and variety.  Sometimes I prefer to have no Ipod and listen to the sounds of the road.
If problems ever arise on the road the most successful way of troubleshooting has been to stop and address the issue ASAP before the issue becomes a problem.

The meteorologist (WMB) is calling for freezing rain tomorrow afternoon.  Looks like a sunrise start! 

11 Running Days...390 kms until Victoria, B.C.- Dec 18th

The Dream Continues...

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