Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Step At A Time....

Sleep has now become optional and adrenaline has filled the void.  Over the past two days, between run segments, I've had the chance to meet with newly elected Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, who despite riding his bike to work, in a severe snowstorm, still made our meeting on time! 
Their are no boundaries as to who is affected, in their lives, by Autism- even the family of the ownership group of the Vancouver Canucks, who, earlier this year, launched the Canuck Autism Network (CAN), to help spread the awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders in the province of British Columbia.  I'd like to thank the organization for inviting me to Kerrisdale Elementary School and help launch their 'We Can be Friends' Programme.
I would also like to thank the Mayor of Richmond, Malcolm Brodie;  Delta Councillor, Scott Hamilton; Delta CAO, George V. Harvie for welcoming 'The Dream' into their municipalities. 

Time now for my last 15 kms, on the mainland, to the Tsawwassen Ferry, at 5pm, which will take me to Vancouver Island.
For those who lost count of when 2010 Olympics were coming to Vancouver, I took this picture as of December 16th/08, at 8:16pm PST for you.

As for Run The Dream, Running Days to Victoria, B.C.........ONE!

The Dream Continues.....

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