Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Nature Always Wins!.....

Twenty-eight run days and 900+ kms later, Run The Dream has completed Newfoundland and Labrador!  Just like most stories about the island weather played a factor!
I will take you back about 36 hours ago.  It was windy!  No, I mean really windy!  The final 35.5 kms seemed to be like a two part final exam on Newfoundland and Labrador Weather 101. Part one, yesterday, with the winds gusting up to 90 km/hr in "The Wreckhouse" the plan was just going to be to build in some more time.  Well, mother nature would have none of that!  If anyone is thinking of designing a new ride for a water park- Go visit The Wreckhouse!  To even attempt to move forward the body had to lean into the wind with purpose.  A few times Kevin and I got blown off the road while Alex, who was smart enough to say dry in the car, stayed amused by taking the videos and pictures.  I had not trained for these kind of windy conditions so we packed it in after a long 13 kms.
Today, part two of the exam, and 24 hours later the weather was a complete opposite.  Winds in "The Wreckhouse", if I were generous enough reached 10km/hr.  It was a lot smoother running.  Finished off the last 22.5 kms in under three hours! I was told the Deputy Mayor, Chester Coffin, was available to meet us.  What was a very nice surprise was that I didn't have to drive over to the town hall to meet him at the conclusion of the run because he works at the Ferry Terminal. 
Well, it is with bittersweet emotion to say thank you to all those who assisted Run The Dream, in Newfoundland and Labrador, to where we are now.  I am going to miss hearing the "Yes Boy" or the "My Dear" on a constant basis.  Will I miss the weather?  Well, from a running perspective, only the sunny days with the wind at my back.  I am still undecided about how to replace the Cod Tongues, Fish Cakes, Fisherman Brewis and Moose Soup as a staple food group when I get to the mainland tomorrow.

If I didn't say it enough to everyone...Thank you, thank you, thank you....The dream continues...

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