Friday, May 16, 2008

Daydream Believer....

This entry is dedicated to a women who everyone should phone and find out how she managed to raise $2500 in a town of 5000 people!  Now my math skills are not one of my greatest strengths but I do know that works out to 50 cents per person- well beyond the Run The Dream target of 10 cents for every Canadian.
Tammy Chapman CONGRATULATIONS!  Two months ago, while driving out to St. John's, I received an e-mail of appreciation because her son, Dakota, had just been diagnosed. Springhill, Nova Scotia, is a five minute drive off the Trans-Canada Highway and so I made a quick stop to say thank you before heading on to my starting point.  If Springhill does not have a heightened awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders- They do now!  

Yesterday, Run The Dream had the honour of being invited to Springhill for a reception at the local school and town hall. It is people like Tammy Chapman who inspire me!  I am doing the easy part by running, while Tammy and other families have the experience of dealing with the mystery of Autism Spectrum Disorders on a 24/7 basis.

O (a nice surprise!) as I write this Kevin just came back with the Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia's largest regional circulating paper) and we made the front page headline!  

Well deserved Tammy and the town of Springhill!  Anne 
Murray now has some competition for local heros!
Special Thanks to:
Tammy and her family, for showing how we can all do our part!; Junction Road Elementary, West End Memorial Elementary and Springhill Jr/Sr High School for there generous support;
Mayor Guy Brown; Vickie Harvey, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Autism Society; and the ENTIRE town of Springhill, Nova Scotia!
The Dream Continues..... towards Halifax!

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