Sunday, May 11, 2008

When All You've Got To Keep Is Strong, Move Along....

Hello from the Comfort Inn, in New Glasgow!  I checked out the google map on our Run The Dream website and could not believe that 254 kms was covered in six days.  The feet are in great shape and the 'Chi' running form is making the distances less taxing on the body, hence the back-to-back 50+ km days.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting with Kathleen Chisholm, the mayor of Antigonish, at the town hall. A new Run The Dream first happened as well (1 of 3 mentioned in this blog entry)... Breakfast with the mayor!  Kathleen invited the team out!  How can you say no to the mayor? For those not familiar with Antigonish, the town is home to St. Francis Xavier University.  According to myth- supposedly confirmed by a question on Jeopardy- the X-ring (giving to graduating students of St. FX at convocation) is the most recognized ring in the world after the papal and Super Bowl ring.  Famous alumni include Brian
Mulroney (former Prime Minister of Canada), Frank McKenna (former Premier of New Brunswick), Rodney MacDonald (current Premier of Nova Scotia), Seamus O'Regan (co-host of CTV's Canada AM) and Mike Smith ("Bubbles" from the Trailer Park Boys), to name a few.

As the final run of the week got underway Run The Dream had another first (2nd of 3)....Top story on the news at noon (98.9 X-FM)! And the other new first (3rd of 3)....running on a sidewalk! Yes, I said it- a sidewalk!  Other highlights of the day included meeting up with
 Kristi Murdock (Carly's sister and my longtime best friend, since I was in diapers, on Bramblewood Lane, in Mississauga) and her friend Kara Gillis (from Glace Bay, NS) on the highway.  We'll be seeing them again when we reach Halifax in 10 days!  Special thanks to Aunt Vern and Uncle Bobby (Carly and Kristi's relatives) for having the team over for a pasta dinner.

The weather Gods have been smiling down on us because today (our pre-planned rest day) the forecast has been strong wind, rain and snow!

Happy Mother's Day Mom and all other mothers!

The dream continues........ 

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