Monday, May 5, 2008

Nova Scotia begins.....

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of the dream."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Run The Dream is on a roll!  Saturday morning, Kevin Cassan, and I, entered North Sydney after a seven hour ferry ride.  When we got on the Joey and Clara Smallwood Ferry we toured around to find our bunks in the dormitory area.  My apologies to the women who was sleeping below me.  I had secured my wallet in my hat and kept it next to me for the night.  However, I was a restless sleeper on this particular night and in the middle of the voyage my wallet slipped between the mattress and landed on her head below.  Ooopps!
Once off the ferry we checked into the Quality Inn, in Sydney, where we have been offered three complimentary nights along with boardroom privileges for the duration of our stay.  To my surprise, it was a very nice gesture for the hotel to recognize us on their sign.  I must also acknowledge that their buffet here is amazing!  I ate until I could no longer pick up my fork.

I should also introduce some new maritime members to our Run The Dream team for everyone.  They have been working around the clock to make sure the Autism Awareness message can make the most meaningful impact in every community we visit in the east.  There is Mike McCarther, Sarah Hill, Aaron Murphy, Alex Tessier and Carly Murdock.  You'll be hearing me mention their name for awhile now.  This is just informal e-introduction!

For those wondering....Where did Alex Bittner go? Don't worry a moose didn't get her!  She loved Newfoundland and Labrador so much that she offered to drive the rental van the 900+ kms back to St. John's.  She'll be flying home to Ontario today to take care of her four-legged friend, named Tucker, who misses her dearly! "CUTE!"  She'll be back though.

9am at the North Sydney Ferry Docks the run continues......

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baymom said...

Johnathan, I look forward to seeing you when you get to Halifax, that is if I am off that day. I am a substitute Educational Program Assistant with the Halifax Regional School Board. I get the honour to work with children with special needs every day, including children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

I work at different schools filling in for regular staff who need time off for family or courses to learn new techniques for working with all these amazing kids! I work with some amazing people and students every day.

I'm lucky to have two healthy children. I have friends who have children who have ASD. What your are doing will mean so much to them. I sent them the link for your web page, which by the way looks great, as well sending them your FB link.

Take care, watch your pace, enjoy the scenery & thank you for what your are doing!

Tammy Jakeman
Cow Bay, NS