Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hello From Charlottetown!

Red soil, Cows ice cream and lobster!  It has been a really busy run out here on the island. Aside from indulging in some of the local culture the dream has accomplished another first! Special thanks to the Honourable Premier Robert Ghiz (currently the youngest premier in all of Canada) for the statement of recognition, in the legislature, in support of Run The Dream. For the entire transcript you can go to!  The Premier also made time before the house went into session for a photo-op.  The Honourable Allan Campbell, Minister of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development also was available for the picture and wanted to show his support.
Time to back up to Wednesday morning before all the political activity in the afternoon.  After finishing off the last 14kms a Run The Dream Event was held at Confederation Landing.  Speakers included Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee; Michelle Pineau (left in picture below), President of the PEI Autism Society; Honourable Gerald Greenan, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.  Entertainment included Cathy Hutch (right in picture below) as well as Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold.
In other PEI news- The first cruise ship of the year (1 of 37 scheduled) docked today.  The Maasdam is cruising from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal on a 13-day voyage.  I finally figured out why gas prices are only $1.24 per litre!  In PEI the government regulates the pricing and prices only change on the 1st and 15th of the month.  Heard on the radio that they are going to $1.30 today.

It is hard to believe another province is done!  Today is a special day off from running for an event in Springhill, NS!  I will be filling you in about that tomorrow!  Very excited! Nothing but sunny blue skies! 
The Dream Continues....

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Lisa said...

Its so great to see the picture of you and Cathy Hutch!!

She is my aunt so of course growing up with her, and seeing all of her struggles with my cousin Kristy who suffers from autism (her daughter who is 2 and a half months older than I), this is why I am such a supporter of what you are doing for Autism. Keep on truckin'!