Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From New Glasgow to Prince Edward Island

This week started off on a high note! F.H. Macdonald and East Pictou Middle School came out Monday morning to support Run The Dream. Then it was onto Temperance Street Elementary School to meet with some more supportive students.  I had the honour of running with Deputy Mayor Henderson Paris for the majority of Monday's run.  We ran from Temperance Street Elementary over to New Glasgow Town Hall where Tawnya States had arranged a fantastic reception with the mayor and a large group of supporters.  Everything was so well organized!
I would have loved to stay all day but we had a ferry to Prince Edward
 Island to ca
tch and I still had to run 24kms to get there!  We made it though and I had a quick hour nap while we made the 1.5 hour voyage.  When we docked I felt refreshed and felt like running until the sun went down. 45kms away from Charlottetown!
Other Special Mentions of thanks to:
Rodds Royalty Resorts, Charlottetown, for three nights complimentary accomodation
The Dream Continues....

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