Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feet In Motion.....

I'm on my way again. New province, new terrain, new challenges and, best of all, new opportunities.

I'd like to start off with a few special mentions.  Thank you to Michelle Gardiner and her great work with the Autism Society of Cape Breton; Maritime Atlantic for the safe ferry voyage; and 94.9 FM, The Chronicle Herald and Cape Breton Post for covering our first day in Nova Scotia.

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  Another special thanks to the Unique Events Production Team for arranging the first of many events for Run The Dream.  At 9am we kicked off Nova Scotia with a welcome press conference at the ferry terminal.  Words of welcome came from Michelle Gardiner and councillor Gordon McLeod.  The first "Run With Jonathan" was held too!  One of our objectives, to raise awareness about Autism, is by educating school children.  This will be the first of many "Run With Jonathan's" on the east coast.

After we said goodbye, at the ferry terminal, it was time to hit the road running.  One pleasant feature of running on the Trans Canada Highway, in Cape Breton, are the kilometre markers, every kilometre, counting down to the Canso Causeway. 36.5 kilome
tres was completed.  The major challenge of the day was Kelly's Mountain- a 7km stretch 
of highway that reaches an elevation of 240 metres.  How could I turn down this running challenge?  Lots of intense focus was needed because this challenge came at the end of the run, but I got her done and what an adrenaline rush it was to complete it!

The dream continues......

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